We use the AirRobot 180 Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to complete operations. The AR180 is the most diverse and adapting flight platform in its spectrum. Weighing in the 6kg class and with our specialized payloads attached it achieves a flight time of 40 minutes. The AR180 can operate comfortably within virtually any environment and remain operational in wind speeds up to 12 m/s. Our flight platforms are transported in specialized protective casing and can be made operationally ready within 5 minutes.


Payloads available

  • HD Still Camera
  • HD Camcorder
  • Thermal Camera


AR 180 Technical SpecificationsAR180

Flight Time: 40 minutes

Max Wind Load: 12 m/s

Max Airspeed: 26 mph

Range: 1000 meters

Max Payload Weight: 1.5 kg

Size in operation: 1.80 meters

Uplink: Digital

Video Downlink: Digital

Propulsion: 4 brushless/gearless high endurance motors

Battery: Lithium Ion


The AR180 is GPS compatible. Navigation and flight preparation is simpler with our unique software integrated into the hand controller allowing the pilot in charge to create and plot waypoints and change them in flight via touch, this provides accuracy, compliance and adaptability and enables us to expand into all applications and grants greater operational control and safety.


Bundeswehr Supplier

TUV approved 1