Unmanned Aerial Technology utilizes the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to expand all aspects of aerial applications enabling companies and persons to have a result within a diverse sector not accessible before. We provide an aerial service to large aspects of the civilian market including the rail infrastructure and governmental organisations. We use the AirRobot 180 unmanned aircraft system commonly known as the AR180 to conduct all operations. All our output data is of efficient and effective quality and is currently being used by large structural Engineers and surveying organisations.

Due to the nature of our flight platform and extensive knowledge of our team we can accomplish extremely high standards within the ever changing world of aerial applications. Using fully stabilised payloads our registered and fully qualified flight team are open to virtually any aerial application.

We here at UAT feel with experience, structure and coordination UAS will play a very important and essential role within an ever adapting environment. With continual research and development from our team our flight platforms and knowledge advance in line with the latest technology and compete with other high brand flight platforms.

UAT currently provide data rich inspection outputs including point clouds, 3D models and CAD compatible formats to our clients. Utilising our service within the workflow of your organisation provides substantial cost reductions and advances your health and safety procedures considerably. As we conduct aerial surveys within the live environment there is no need to close or limit day to day assets.


Inspection 1

Cost Reduction

advancing safety


UAT removes the need for scaffolding and safety critical components that require large amounts of time to organise and the associated operating costs. Often certain environments are inaccessible and require the need for hydraulic lifting equipment, scaffolding and helicopters. Using the service UAT provides completely removes any of those elements allowing you to concentrate your resources in other sectors and receiving high amounts of accurate and usable workflow inspection data.